⚫ Orders will be delivered immediately unless there is not enough stock.
⚫ JHosting will do its utmost to ensure that there is always enough stock.
⚫ When ordering a server at JHosting, you automatically confirm to us that you are 18+
⚫ When ordering a server at JHosting, (under 18+) you automatically confirm that you have permission from your parents.

Game Server

⚫ If the consumer does not renew the server, JHosting is authorized to shut down the server.
⚫ If the consumer does not renew the server, JHosting is authorized to remove all data of this server after 5 days.
⚫ Support with regard to plugins/resources and code is not always guaranteed due to its complexity.


⚫ The customer is not allowed to host illegal programs, content or websites.
⚫ The customer is not allowed to send spam from his/her JHosting servers.
⚫ JHosting is not responsible in case of data loss. The customer is responsible for making backups..
⚫ JHosting will not provide support for third-party apps but sometimes we can put you in the right direction.
⚫ JHosting is allowed to suspend the server if there is any kind of illegal activity on the server.
⚫ It's not allowed to mine crypto on a VPS.


⚫ The customer can open a ticket in our Discord channel or send us an email to info@jhosting.nl, if he has any questions regarding his service.
⚫ The official (non-SLA) response time of JHosting is 24 hours. But in practice this can of course be a lot faster.
⚫ JHosting only offers support on the services provided by JHosting.
⚫ JHosting does not provide support for third-party software.


⚫ The customer is not allowed to get a refund

Other obligations of the customer

⚫ The customer will not host or run any websites/programs that are prohibited under Dutch law. Such as performing DDoS attacks, hosting child porn content and hosting copyrighted content.
⚫ The customer is responsible for making backups of his own servers.

Other obligations of JHosting

⚫ JHosting is not responsible for the content that the customer is hosting.
⚫ JHosting will remove illegal content or other illegal applications/scripts that are not permitted by law.
⚫ JHosting is not responsible for data-loss in any case.

Force of the majority

⚫ None of the parties is obliged to fulfill any obligation if it is prevented from doing so due to force majeure. Force majeure means in any case: war (danger), riots, strikes, war, fire, water damage, flooding, atmospheric conditions, prolonged power outages, adjustments or maintenance to the telecommunications network and / or electricity network of others, cable breaks, attacks on a network / server including DDoS and DoS, disruptions in the networks important for JHosting, disruptions in communicative connections including telecommunication connections or prevention or refusal / prolonged absence of compliance by suppliers on whom JHosting depends on the performance of its work is.


⚫ JHosting provides a donation panel in which the players of your server can donate money.
⚫ For a 1 euro donation you will receive 110 credits (€ 1,10).
⚫ It's not allowed to donate credits to yourself.
⚫ Credits can only be used on the JHosting website to renew your server, upgrade your server or to buy a new server.
⚫ Credits cannot be refunded.


⚫ Sharing your account details with others is not allowed.
⚫ If you lost your account details, your account can only be restored if you have linked your discord account to your JHosting account.
⚫ Credits cannot be refunded.

Last Edit: 17-05-2021